eCustoms: International Trade Compliance Solutions for Tomorrow-Today

eCustoms: International Trade Compliance Solutions for Tomorrow-Today

CIO VendorMarc Roy, President
Innovation has always been at the heart of eCustoms’ suite of international trade and financial compliance solutions, because the company’s management and development teams are forward-looking by design— eschewing the “that’s how it’s always been done” mentality.

True to its watchword “Compliance for Tomorrow—Today,” an approach that has one eye firmly fixed to the future, eCustoms has consistently and successfully delivered advanced and configurable export, trade and financial compliance solutions to its customers for more than three decades. These trade compliance solutions, known as Visual Compliance, include denied and restricted party screening, OFAC screening, export and import classification, export license management, shipping software, to name a few.

One of the forward-looking decisions eCustoms made many years ago was to design and build its solutions to fit into the way its customers work, to minimize disruption to the customer's business environment, and to remove the time-consuming and expensive complications that can come from forcing new processes into established systems and workflows. This is especially important because business operations, even those within the same industry sector, can vary widely. This includes business systems (ERP, CRM, HR, accounting, visitor management and so forth) all with their individually-set policies and procedures.

“We identified early on that our customers wanted to comply with trade regulations but that they also wanted to focus on their core business to make money for their shareholders,” said Marc Roy, eCustoms’ President. “That is why we build for configuration, not customization.” The configuration route is more cost-effective because it allows the customer to select exactly the features and functionalities they need today, with built-in change possibilities for tomorrow. Customization, on the other hand, requires custom programming which can take many months, and usually costs more than the initial software solution.

Visual Compliance can be implemented in days or weeks, sometimes in less than a day. It means that they (the customers) can be up-and-running quickly, which is crucial in the world of compliance

“What customers really appreciate about eCustoms is that Visual Compliance can be implemented in days or weeks, sometimes in less than a day. It means that they can be up-and-running quickly, which is crucial in the world of compliance,” explained Roy. It’s also very cost-effective.

Another long-term perspective held by eCustoms is a deep understanding that in the compliance industry, the only constant is constant change. Roy explains, “Our core deliverables to our customers include providing user friendly software solutions, training to use the software optimally and, importantly, giving them peace of mind that we know about future government initiatives and have a roadmap for these upcoming government requirements.”

The result is that eCustoms has thousands of customers, many that have been with them for years. These customers come from across the industry spectrum—banking and finance, manufacturing, distributing, retailing, ecommerce, aerospace and defense, education, research, software, insurance and travel, to name a few. And they are located across the globe: the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia- Pacific and Australasia.

With eCustoms, customers are provided with an easy-to-use, cost effective software solution, which comes with in-house teams of customer service representatives, IT and technical support—everything needed by the customer to maintain their compliance obligations now and into the future.

In all of this, eCustoms thinks of itself as partners-in-compliance with their customers. As Roy puts it, “After many decades in operation, eCustoms has become a recognizable brand among compliance professionals and we take the responsibilities that come with that recognition very seriously.”