ComplySci: Dynamic, Data-Centric Compliance Management

ComplySci: Dynamic, Data-Centric Compliance Management

CIO VendorJean-Marc Levy, CEO
The idea of fostering a “culture of compliance” in financial services firms isn’t new. For decades, Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs) have been putting measures in place to monitor and prevent regulatory breaches. However, given the sheer depth, breadth, and pace at which regulatory mandates are evolving, financial services institutions are facing increasing threats as they strive to create value and protect their reputations. In the face of this transformation, CCOs reckon that manually managing compliance processes impedes their ability to proactively stay ahead of risk. To that end, most companies are adopting technology solutions to deal with the risks—both known and unknown—and gain better insights for decision-making.

Standing on the cusp of this innovation-driven compliance management landscape is ComplySci, helping organizations meet their compliance requirements more effectively and efficiently. ComplySci helps 1,100 organizations identify, monitor, manage, and report on conflicts of interest arising from employee activities, including personal trading, political contributions, outside affiliations, and other code of ethics violations. With an advanced suite of workflow tools, intuitive user experience, and detailed reporting and analytical capabilities, ComplySci has emerged as a leading provider of compliance technology solutions in the financial services industry.

Jean-Marc Levy, CEO, ComplySci, comments that the regulatory teams of financial services organization are no longer viewed as supporting players, but rather as key players responsible for protecting their organizations. “Compliance should be a core component of every financial institution’s DNA,” he adds. “ComplySci facilitates this through its flagship platform that helps compliance teams proactively identify risks and manage complex regulatory and compliance workflows and processes.”

A unique risk management and compliance solution, the ComplySci platform allows Compliance Officers to administer regulatory processes with a data-centric lens.

Compliance should be a core component of every financial institution’s DNA

The platform also offers tools that facilitate a transparent, methodical, and seamless way of reviewing employee activities in real time. “If an employee wishes to trade personally, they can easily make their request on our platform, which then automatically evaluates the request against company policies, and either grants or denies it,” explains Levy.

In addition to the platform’s robustness, ComplySci’s commitment to providing high-quality data is another significant factor behind its wide adoption. “Highest quality data is fundamental to achieving compliance excellence,” comments Levy. ComplySci is able to aggregate high-quality data through its Risk Data Engine. This proprietary engine automates and powers the aggregation, cleansing, normalization, and enrichment of vast quantities of data from a broad spectrum of sources, including direct broker feeds from over 175 brokerage houses and clearing firms. “Our extensive broker network, built over the course of a decade, makes us one of the most reliable compliance solution providers in the marketplace,” adds Levy.

When it comes to implementing the platform, Levy notes that the Business Requirements Design phase, during which ComplySci’s Professional Services team gathers and analyzes a client’s business requirements, is one of the most crucial steps in the ComplySci implementation process. Often, financial services firms have varied groups of employees, such as traders, investments bankers, and investment advisors, often in different geographies or lines of businesses, and each group has different rules, policies, and compliance standards. ComplySci’s subject matter experts distinguish these requirements and map out different processes and workflows suited to the needs of each group.

ComplySci’s growing footprint in compliance management is an indication of a new era of compliance solutions. The company intends to create more data-centric workflows, tools, and processes to help companies proactively identify, monitor and manage higher-risk employees. With several technology innovations and product developments underway, ComplySci is poised to continue transforming the compliance landscape.