Brilliance Financial Technology: Redefining Loan Pricing for Banks

Brilliance Financial Technology: Redefining Loan Pricing for Banks

CIO VendorChristopher Grant, CEO
Today, increasing competition in the commercial lending space is triggering financial institutions to rapidly improve the efficacy of their lending operations for maximum profit margins. In the past, banks were hesitant to go digital. With changing customer behavior, expanding economies, and increasing regulatory oversight, banks are now reimaging their operating models and investing heavily in technology systems such as loan origination platforms. In such a scenario, powering seamless integration within a bank’s origination process, Brilliance Financial Technology develops and delivers best-in-breed risk-based pricing and customer profitability measurement solutions. The company’s comprehensive pricing platform, DealPoint provides banks with an unprecedented level of power and flexibility to assess loan profitability, incorporating credit risk measurement and portfolio analysis. “Our platform provides end-to-end origination pricing, enabling banks to optimize price, improve margins and evaluate the risk-adjusted return of commercial loans,” states Christopher Grant, CEO, Brilliance Financial Technology.

As every bank has its own distinct characteristics, DealPoint is completely configurable and integrates easily with a bank's existing infrastructure, CRM systems, and third party models. By using a simple building block approach, clients can either modify the user interface, data rules and calculations or create new products. To facilitate rapid deployment and configuration, the solution also comes with a visual calculation modeler that enables banks to maintain their own calculations on economic and regulatory changes, proprietary risks, and pricing methodologies. “Since pricing platforms are never static, the visual calculation modeler creates a transparent methodology so that banks can easily evolve and enhance their systems,” explains Grant.

Always keeping in line with current market needs, DealPoint also extricates banks from manual processes and spreadsheets used to manage risk-based pricing of commercial loans.

Our platform provides end-to-end origination pricing, enabling banks to optimize price, improve margins and evaluate the risk-adjusted return of commercial loans

DealPoint accumulates all the pricing data in a single consolidated database and automates the entire pricing approval process. The platform has a rich repository of deal pipeline and customer data and offers valuable analytics delivered through dashboards and Business Intelligence tools. With DealPoint, bank relationship managers and credit decision makers can analyze both credit and non-credit products with precision and speed. “In case of a new loan, our solution measures the projected performance and assesses the impact on customer relationship profitability,” says Grant.

In one instance, a prominent multinational bank headquartered in the U.S. was using basic internal pricing tools and manually managing loan pricing and approvals through spreadsheets. On implementing DealPoint, the client could consolidate all functions and activities of various commercial business units into one point, resulting in improved margins and customer profitability. In addition, with their pricing tool built on top of DealPoint, the bank attained increased scalability, visibility of the lending business, and could ensure effective risk governance.

In the days ahead, Brilliance Financial Technology will be further augmenting their solutions and scaling their operations for optimum client benefit. The company is looking at leveraging their technology offerings for non banking institutions and smaller banks as well. The core focus of the firm however will be to enhance cloud solutions specifically for tier 3 banks. Brilliance Financial Technology is also planning on expanding their footprint in North America and Western Europe. “Having delivered systems for some of the world’s leading banks, the Brilliance team delivers immense expertise on best practices and in the long run, we will continue to offer exceptional pricing and profitability solutions,” ends Grant.