Adyen: Simplifying Global Payment Processing

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Adyen: Simplifying Global Payment Processing

CIO VendorPieter van der Does, Co-founder, President & CEO
From fortune 500 organizations with clients all over the world to startups with a modest number of international customers, payment processing has always been burdensome for organizations across industries. Given today’s dynamic nature of the financial transactions market, the rising number of payment facilitators and technologies like the block chain disrupting the arena and payment processes tend to be localized and clustered. In North America, for instance, while major credit card providers dominate as payment facilitators, mobile payment offerings are gaining popularity. Such diverse situations could cloud transparency, increase fraud, and would as well render it difficult for sellers to gain insights out of their buyer’s transactions. This would in turn hamper customer recognition and opportunities for recurring revenue as well.

“With Adyen, you have global reach in a single system; to drive conversions by supporting local payment methods, which you can serve up dynamically based on your customer’s country, currency and value of purchase,” says Pieter van der Does, CEO and President of Adyen—a unified payment solutions provider. Aiming to be the only payment solution enterprises should ever need, Adyen provides an ‘end-to-end’ platform for all payment solutions across Ecommerce, PoS, In-App or any sales channel.

Adyen Global Acquiring solution connects merchants directly to all major card schemes and local payment methods via Adyen’s unified global payment processing platform. “This platform is 100 percent built and managed in-house, giving Adyen control over the full technology stack,” mentions Does. “As a result, businesses benefit from unprecedented authorization rate performance and uptime, and immediate access to the latest industry innovations such as Apple Pay for the web or Adyen’s Account Updater, so they can stay ahead of the curve, and deliver the experiences their shoppers expect.” he adds.

With Adyen, you have global reach in a single system; to drive conversions by supporting local payment methods

Built to minimize risks and maximize revenue, Ayden’s integrated risk management solution, RevenueProtect, helps to identify fraudsters form legit shoppers. It is directly built into the Adyen payments platform, designed to maintain the perfect balance between fraud defense and optimized conversions. “RevenueProtect can defend up to 25 percent of chargebacks automatically,” claims Does. 3D Secure and Risk Engine are among the other components of RevenueProtect that enables real-time risk management. Tapping on the potential of data to drive revenue, Adyen’s RevenueAccelerate optimization suite enables dynamic card visualization, account updating, automatic retries, and intelligent routings to further reduce the chances of transaction failure. The Adyen SDK enables developers to integrate payment options right into their apps.

To block fraudsters in real-time, Adyen’s ShopperDNA builds a holistic view of the shopper behind each transaction. It uses advanced linking algorithms, proprietary device fingerprinting and network intelligence. “ShopperDNA has transformed risk management for us. The ability to view shoppers in real-time has enabled us to fight fraud without blocking our genuine customers. As a result our refusal rates are down from 12 to 0.2 percent,” Shejn Tahirsylaj, Senior Payment & Project Manager, Westwing.

With a modest motive to enrich a rather barren payment solutions arena ill equipped with legacy systems and patched providers, Adyen, since its inception in 2006 has become a multinational entity with 12 offices spread across the world. Internationally renowned brands such as Uber, LinkedIn, Spotify and Netflix are among Adyen’s clientele. Seamless integration through over 250 payment methods over the world has enabled Adyen to serve more than 4,500 businesses, including 7 of the 10 largest U.S. Internet companies.