Top 10 Fintech Solution Companies - 2018

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Top 10 Fintech Solution Companies - 2018

FinTech today is reimagining almost every aspect of financial operation, whether it be wealth management, banking or payments. The legacy era of waiting in line at the bank with deposit slips has come to an end as the rise in online banking technology and customers using a wide variety of financial wellness platforms have changed the face of financial operations completely. As the space has evolved and has embraced innovations, new platforms have continued to emerge injecting the latest technologies and trends in the FinTech marketplace.

One such trend has been the rapid proliferation and acceptance of applications based on blockchain technology. The technology which was originally developed as a way of securing cryptocurrency transactions, has become the next big thing for the financial services companies as they look out for options to implement blockchain within their institutions. Another key technological trend has been revolving around the use of machine learning and behavioral science which has opened the doorways towards new opportunities to literally rewrite tomorrow and can drive the industry forward in entirely new ways. The future of fintech is indeed here, and this has inturn given rise to opportunities to evolve with the technology.

To help navigate CFOs through the list of innovative vendors and their technology, our distinguished selection panel, comprising CEOs, CFOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of CFO Tech Outlook has selected the Top 10 Fintech Solution Providers 2018 that exhibit competence in delivering advanced technology to fabricate a connected and immune fintech mechanism.

We present to you CFO Tech Outlook’s Top 10 Fintech Solution Providers - 2018.

    Top Fintech Solution Companies

  • A provider of technology solutions that help compliance organizations identify, monitor, manage, and report on conflicts of interest arising from employee activities

  • Technology Company dedicated to building predictive models leveraging machine-learning capabilities

  • DemystData renders raw data into standardized formats that can be readily deployed for processes that range from KYC, marketing, underwriting or even fraud detection

  • DMS is a stable and highly respected data management solution provider that helps financial institutions leverage the power of data to make better-informed business decisions

  • A financial technology (FinTech) M&A firm that specializes in due diligence solutions

  • Helping the organization gain control over diverse risks through consistent, coordinated, and sustainable strategies that are principles-guided, step-by-step, logical, and scalable

  • Offers technology to comply with CECL accounting standards and give SMBs a better borrowing experience

  • SE2, an Eldridge Industries portfolio company, is a leading technology and third party administration company focused on the North American life and annuity insurance industry

  • Provides a SaaS-based digital payments platform to financial institutions to enhance every element of the customer-and brand-relationship

  • SmartStream Technologies

    SmartStream Technologies

    A global software and managed services provider, bringing automation and control to post-trade operations