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Top 10 FinTech Solution Companies in Middle East - 2020

The fintech industry in the Middle East region has witnessed exponential growth over the past few years. The region’s youth population, along with the large number of underbanked people who depend on cash and the recent development of a robust regulatory environment, are key factors contributing to the rapid growth of the Middle East’s fintech industry. This year, the pandemic has pushed the consumers to use homegrown apps as they avoided physical offerings and tried to restrain the spread of the virus.

On the flip side, financial institutions are expected to establish innovative, standalone digital banking solutions that will operate independently of their legacy systems. Fintech solution providers are also planning to introduce voice technology to banking. Many users already operate their devices using voice commands, so the time has come for financial services to take part in these voice interactions. However, the range of tasks users can complete using voice commands is quite limited, but as the technology is advancing quickly, functions like transferring money or applying for mortgages using voice will be a reality soon. Also, one of the fastest-growing fintech trends is blockchain. The technology behind distributed ledgers that power cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum is on its way to changing the financial sector significantly. Blockchain has already started to take over the conventional banking system, and experts believe that 2020 is going to be a breakthrough year for the technology.

Further, the Middle East’s fintech sector is booming, with the pandemic acting as a catalyst for continued growth. The region is undoubtedly becoming more and more appealing to international investors.

CFO Tech Outlook’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted a number of the foremost prominent organizations within the fintech solution providers industry. We hope this issue of the CFO Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to foster a technologically-driven learning environment.

We present to you CFO Tech Outlook’s “10 Most Promising Fintech Solution Providers in Middle East – 2020”

    Top FinTech Solution Companies in Middle East

  • The company generates vast amounts of data through visual means such as heatmaps and 3D volume and aggressor classification bubbles help traders make more informed and data-driven decisions in the stocks, futures, and crypto markets. Bookmap started as an algo-trading entity and eventually progressed more into a development of visualization and trading platform for stocks, futures, and crypto. The platform has since developed its tools to visualize better what happens when orders are placed in the market. The firm also offers APIs such that customers can build add-ons that run with Bookmap’s platform to add layers of information on top of what is already provided by the platform

  • Innovative fintech company that provides mobile financial services, airtime credit services, handset loans, and big data analysis

  • Alhamrani Universal

    Alhamrani Universal

    Alhamrani Universal (AU) is the largest fintech solutions provider in the self-service banking industry in KSA. AU pioneered EMV payments and provides end to end security solutions in the physical and digital world. Building on its legacy since 1981, it has achieved a reputation for providing innovative, high-quality solutions and support services in the financial, retail, and security industries

  • CashCall


    Cashcall is a fintech company that brings global financial inclusion experience to the Egyptian local market allowing them to enable electronic payments and receivables through flexible and various Omni channels. Cashcall is a linking service provider between billers and customers by providing them with highly secured and up to date financial solution and technologies

  • Clayfin


    Clayfin is a leading provider of Digital Customer Experience solutions for Banks and Financial institutions. In a rapidly evolving digital world, Clayfin enables Banks and financial institutions to nurture and grow close ties with their customers by providing a superior and seamless omnichannel experience delivered at any digital point of interaction that the customer prefers

  • PayCore


    Founded in 2001, Paycore (former Cardtek), provides innovative, end-to-end payment technology solutions to banking, telecom, payment service provider, personalization office, government, transportation, and retail sectors. Paycore, which has more than 30 awards locally and internationally in the areas of card software packages, digital payment solutions, smart city applications, EMV solutions, and secure hardware services, is a technology solution partner to more than 150 clients in over 35 countries

  • Sadad Electronic Payment

    Sadad Electronic Payment

    Sadad Electronic Payment Company was commissioned in 2014 by Bank Melli Iran, the largest banking institution in the Middle East, to provide new products and services in the field of electronic payment. Sadad Electronic Payment tries to meet the needs of society in this field by using the latest knowledge and technology in the world and creating creative solutions. In a short period of time, Sadad Electronic Payment has been able to achieve important achievements such as the design and complete implementation of the payment network infrastructure (acceptance switch and integration network) and is one of the largest companies providing electronic payment services (PSP) in Iran

  • The Goberman Group

    The Goberman Group

    The Guberman Group is a Full-Service Multidisciplinary provider of accounting and financial management services in Israel. Located in Tel-Aviv, Guberman Group operates with several divisions, including the accounting firm, Guberman Stefan, Guberman Consulting Ltd and Guberman Human Resources

  • Tradesocio


    Headquartered in Singapore, Tradesocio provides digital technology that enables financial institutions worldwide to access, manage and offer unique investment management and brokerage solutions to their customers. The company provides a complete end-to-end financial management offering, from development, hosting and maintenance, to security and post-sales technical support

  • ZoidPay


    ZoidPay is a full-service Crypto Payment Platform with Crypto Card, Mobile Wallet and Marketplace. Buyers will be able to spend their crypto assets like they do with FIAT and merchants will be able to safely receive crypto, stable coins or FIAT depending on their needs without having to worry about accounting procedures