Top 10 FinTech Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

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Top 10 FinTech Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

Fintech companies have realized that financial services of all kinds – including money transfer, lending, investing, and payments need to seamlessly integrate into the lives of the tech-savvy and sophisticated customers of today to stay relevant in a world where business and private life become increasingly digitalized. As technology advances by leaps and bounds, the fintech industry is opening doors to a wide array of services at a fraction of the price of what it would have cost before. From lending, payments, insurance, and credit, banks and traditional financial institutions are either partnering with fintech companies or developing their solutions.

Fintech has created a significant impact on the financial sectors, by leveraging some of the latest innovations such as artificial intelligence, robotics, biometric applications, blockchain, peer-to-peer lending, and so on. Using fintech trends centered around ML and AI enables organizations to know their clients’ preferences, behaviors, and expectations. This information helps offer the products and services to the target audience segments that they are most likely to pay for. The fastest-growing application area is the Chatbot—an automated program that simulates human-like conversations, or chats, through artificial intelligence. A rapid rise in the customer base and a demand for real-time customer assistance is fueling the massive adoption of AI-based chatbot technology by increasing the number of financial institutions. AI-powered automation delivers a kind of efficiency that’s set to reduce human-related error. Processes are made quicker and more precise, with humans given more tedious tasks to focus on to deliver better services.

Mobile banking and online lending are increasingly becoming popular for their convenience through their easy accessibility in smartphones. Customers can have real-time access to banking services and loan funds after quick processing of approval. On the other hand, Blockchain technology reduces paperwork as digital ledgers are updated in real-time while storing records in an unchangeable manner. The critical advantage of blockchain technology is the distributed infrastructure’s capability to share data which is secure and unalterable, guaranteeing data security & integrity. Protection from cyber-attacks is crucial in the financial sector, giving rise to biometric technology that also provides faster authentication. Facial recognition, fingerprint, and iris scans are essential to avoid identity theft and hacks.

Financial services have to be sustainable and have to be steadily expandable to get steady growth in the market. Fintech companies need to stay abreast of the leading fintech trends and embrace advanced technologies to stay ahead in this fast-paced marketplace. With more technological advancements set to improve existing services and potentially introduce more innovative processes, FinTech is expected to grow in the coming years.  

This edition of CFO Tech Outlook features companies that are at the forefront of offering fintech services. To assist CIOs in identifying the most reliable companies to partner with, a distinguished panel consisting of CEOs, CIOs, analysts, and CFO Tech Outlook’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent organizations in the industry. We present to you – “Top 10 FinTech Consulting/Services Companies – 2019”.

    Top FinTech Consulting/Services Companies

  • Abelian Partners is a practitioner-based consulting firm that specializes in commercial credit, technology and capital markets for financial institutions. The company grew out of experience in commercial credit and capital markets across the last 30 years of banking, and now embraces the fast paced industry change occurring with developing fintech solutions. The company brings practical banking experience to consulting projects for fintech applications at financial institutions

  • Established in 2002, Zafin is a leading provider of product and pricing control solutions, enabling banks to manage conduct risk and increase customer lifetime value. In the current environment, it is critical for banks to have certainty around the products and services to which their clients have access, to ensure that pricing is appropriate and fair, and to substantiate that fees and interest are consistent with contractual arrangements. Zafin’s cloud-based SaaS platform can be implemented quickly, with minimal to no changes required to existing production systems. Headquartered in Toronto with offices around the globe, Zafin is trusted by some of the world’s largest retail and corporate banks

  • Abrigo


    After Banker’s Toolbox acquired MainStreet Technologies and Sageworks in 2018, the company was re-branded as Abrigo. The complete enterprise risk management company empowers customers with customized solutions to automate key processes like anti-money laundering and fraud detection. Abrigo offers multiple products to handle fraud prevention, streamline the lending process, reduce credit risk, and the like. With prior experience of handling different fraud scenarios in ACH, checks, wire transactions, and debit cards, the company has created a single Enterprise Fraud Case Management system to handle several possibilities. Abrigo’s hands-on approach to fraud detection and prevention helps customers eliminate false positives as they utilize the solutions for maximum benefit

  • Compliance Risk Concepts

    Compliance Risk Concepts

    Founded in 2013, Compliance Risk Concepts is a leading firm that provides top-tier compliance consulting services to clients. The firm offers compliance consulting services in areas like Financial Services and Anti-Corruption & Ethics, Technology Industry Compliance, Enterprise Compliance Risk Management, and Research Supervisory Analyst, among others. Additionally, the firm also provides expertise and key skills to clients to help them establish and enhance a balanced operational risk management program. Headquartered in New York, the firm stands to assist clients in achieving their operational, financial and strategic goals

  • Conduent


    Conduent is one of the largest providers of diversified business process services with one of the leading capabilities in transaction processing, automation, analytics and constituent experience. The company works with both government and commercial customers in assisting them to deliver services to the people they serve. It manages interactions with patients and the insured for a significant portion of the U.S. healthcare industry. Conduent is the customer interface for large segments of the technology industry and the operational and processing partner of choice for public transportation systems around the world

  • eCustoms


    Founded in 1981, eCustoms is a leading company that helps clients in ensuring compliance with government trade regulations through specific expertise. The company provides web-based export compliance solutions that include denied party screening, restricted party screening, ECCN and USML ITAR classification, and license determination, traveling employee & visitor management, export license management, export documentation and AES electronic filing, among others. eCustoms is currently assisting various companies - from small organizations expanding into international sales to large corporations in North America and Europe. The company is headquartered in Buffalo, New York

  • mondCloud


    mondCloud provides a comprehensive set of tools and infrastructure to handle the complete life cycle of even the most complex business applications. Architecture, development, deployment, and continuous business process adaptation are all instantly accessible and managed from within the browser. No new specialized knowledge is required across all industries such as banking, insurance, supply chain management, and energy efficiency program management as this premium solution-building suite is a better vehicle for any business expertise

  • SmartStream Technologies

    SmartStream Technologies

    SmartStream is a globally leading company that provides managed services and transaction lifecycle management solutions to enhance middle and back-office operations of financial institutions. The company also delivers increased efficiency and control to post-trade operations that include reference data operations, trade process management, confirmations and reconciliation management, among others. SmartStream’s clientele expands to over 1,500, which include 70 of the world’s top 100 banks, 8 of the top 10 asset managers, and 8 of the top 10 custodians. The company is headquartered in London.

  • Sundance Payement Solutions

    Sundance Payement Solutions

    Sundance Payment Solutions is a payment processing and merchant services provider. The company provides a complete menu of merchant services including payment processing, analytics and reporting, ACH transactions and more. In addition, Sundance also offers a suite of leading-edge processing equipment designed to provide merchants with the most secure and efficient tools to process multiple payment types and manage their businesses

  • Urban FT

    Urban FT

    Urban FT is digital payments platform that helps reducing risks by ensuring the highest level of services to cardholders and financial institutions. Urban FT empowers financial institutions to deliver their clients with best-in-class service functionality and user experience. The platform supports top brands that include financial as well as non-bank clients to engage their customers in a unique way. Urban FT seeks to continue providing groundbreaking solutions through persistent investment and cutting-edge features, giving its clients the ability to have significant position in the market. It is headquartered in New York