Top 10 Finance and Technology Solution Providers 2016

The Quintessential Technology Source for Corporate Financial Professionals

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Top 10 Finance and Technology Solution Providers 2016

Leveraging potential and sophisticated technology solutions has become one of the most essential tasks for banks and financial enterprises worldwide. Technology is helping them tackle the increasing complexities of business, while satisfying customers’ needs for convenience and security. With mobile apps, big data and analytics, the firms in the sector continue to make significant investments in technology to provide customers with more personalized services that are readily accessible.

Top Finance Technology Companies

Provider of software-as-a-service technology solutions for the financial services industry.

An innovative clearing and execution solutions provider

Provides a risk-based pricing and customer profitability solution that delivers credit pricing and profitability measures, enabling banks to evaluate the risk adjusted return of commercial loans

Provides tailored IT solutions to private equity, hedge fund and investment management firms

Providing small businesses with the funding they need to grow

Offers solutions for finance and leasing companies to streamline business operations

Provides Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM) solutions and Managed Services to dramatically transform the middle and back-office operations of financial institutions

Offers App Distribution Framework for Financial companies to build, test, and deploy their own apps within weeks as opposed to several months

A premier provider of cloud-based financial software solutions for the Record-to-Report process

Provides cloud-based financial market data APIs to help enterprises deliver real-time and reference market data to their digital assets