Xignite: Empowering Fintech with Market Data APIs

Xignite: Empowering Fintech with Market Data APIs

CIO VendorStephane Dubois, CEO & Founder
Market Data has been viewed as a strategic asset by the financial service institutions and the key enabler of its business operations including trade execution, risk management or compliance reporting. Financial institutions, exchanges, and market participants are undergoing significant and fundamental transformation in channelizing data inf low and outf low effectively to keep up with the fast pace of change in the financial industry today. “However, the greatest obstacle for many fintech startups is access to large integrated high quality data sets in an easy and affordable fashion,” says Stephana Dubois, Founder & CEO, Xignite. Being one of the earliest adopters of Amazon Web Services, Xignite, a financial services firm, provides cloud-based financial market data APIs for web and app developers, to squeeze out better financial performance. “Market data plays a crucial role in financial sectors as it has the ability to save billions of dollars in the long term,” he adds.

Xignite Enterprise Data Distribution is a fully managed cloud based solution, which is specifically designed to help financial institutions, drive data adoption and reduce costs by streamlining market data distribution. It is powered by Xignite Market Data Cloud, which aggregates suppliers (exchanges and vendors) and consumers (financial institutions) and lets them contribute and consume data far more efficiently. To manage the flood of information, Xignite’s Financial Data APIs helps to store data offsite and access it only when it is needed, thereby eliminating expensive technology infrastructure investments. These APIs cover a wide range of market data, from real-time quotes to historical pricing and master data from more than 150 sources.

Market data is more efficient for financial sectors as it has the ability to save billions of dollars in the long term

Dubois further comments, “It will now be easier for firms, large and small, to start and grow financial services and fintech companies just by leveraging the APIs in the ecosystem.” Clients can now access the market data online and pay only for the data that is required – saving money and time, eliminating redundant data feeds. In addition, Xignite CloudWidgets, a fully hosted and managed solution, integrates real-time and historical contents into a single website or portal to display stock quotes, forex data, economic news and events in beautiful dynamic charts.

Offering over 1000 financial data APIs, Xignite clients include media and software companies from disruptive fintech firms, such as Betterment, FutureAdvisor, Motif Investing, Robinhood, and Yodlee, to leading financial institutions, exchanges and market data vendors. For one instance, AlphaClone, a recognized investment advisor and research firm was challenged to create a disclosure –based hedge fund cloning strategy with their core products as the base. AlphaClone elected to embrace Xignite Global Quotes Cloud API, which was capable of delivering equity pricing, necessary to power their hedge fund portfolio tracking system. “Relying on Xignite for market data allows us to focus our development resources on areas of our service that provide us with a differentiated advantage,” says Mazin Jadallah Founder and CEO, AlphaClone.

Taking their success one step ahead, Xignite works on to further enhance the company’s solutions to new heights by providing the data platform for users at reduced costs. “The goal of our fintech revolution is to unite innovators from large financial services institutions, in order to drive disruption both within and across regions through idea-sharing and collaboration,” concludes Dubois.