The Beast Apps: ADaaS-Cloud Based App Distribution, Collaboration

The Beast Apps: ADaaS-Cloud Based App Distribution, Collaboration

CIO VendorAshok H. Mittal, President & Co-Founder
Virtualization of hardware, network, and PaaS is swiftly changing the ways finance companies work. Their synergies are resulting in easy to use products for end-customers at one hand and streamlined operations for capital markets on the other. Considering a positive correlation between business performance and promising technologies, companies want an infrastructure that can help them build-test-deploy their own apps, and distribute them leveraging the power of the cloud—quickly and easily. “A determination to enable financial businesses stay focused on building their unique value proposition, their ‘Secret Sauce’ without being bogged down in application delivery phase inspired us to offer a robust ADaaS (Application Distribution As a Service) framework,” expresses Ashok H. Mittal, President and Co-Founder, The Beast Apps. The company’s ADaaS infrastructure helps the financial institutions distribute their apps, safe, secure, real time, streaming and interactive in the cloud.

The Beast Apps ADaaS leverages public, private or hybrid cloud to enable enterprises deliver market calibrated financial solutions pre-trade, trade and post-trade applications through an App Store platform. An instant up-down scalability to withdraw and install an application as per need acts as another value-added feature. “Our state-of-art app store can be utilized by vast variety of financial institutions including exchanges, inter dealer brokers, Electronic Communications Networks (ECNs), and Automated Trading Systems (ATSs) to improve competitive advantage and velocity of innovation,” says Mittal. The company also provides a software development kit—The BeastSDK—to enable programmers develop and deploy apps in hours and days, against several months. Subsequently, apps are ubiquitously delivered across multiple devices including desktop, browser, phones, and tablets to promulgate ease of use for user—as convenience matters while taking trade and financial decisions within seconds.For an entrepreneur, The Beast Apps gives the ability to launch their product in a very short period of time at low cost and manages it, letting them focus on business.

We are one among highly distinguished companies who can foster direct access to live market trading through—something as simple, yet prominent as—Excel

Hand in hand with their unique SDK comes their cloud-based Microsoft Excel plug-in which allows users to trade directly via excel. The tool utilizes ETS/ ATS specific market data and trading protocols to offer real-time information on market levels, depth of markets, click-to-trade option to enable users perform transactions easily. “We are one among highly distinguished companies who can foster direct access to live market trading through—something as simple, yet prominent as—Excel,” states Mittal. “We are also extending Excel to capture interesting business workflows such as, automatic trading, central limit order book trading, enhanced program trading, Request For Quotes (RFQs), Client-Sales- Trader collaboration and more,” he adds.

To reflect on The Beast Apps expertise, Mittal brings-in an interesting case study where CME Group and ICAP, two large financial institutions, relied on the expertise of company to gain a relative value analysis product called This real-time analytical tool combining ICAP and CME’s market data enabled the client’s customers to perform side-by-side pricing analysis and opportunity assessment between related fixed income products and markets. Similarly, The Beast Apps was able to get TruMid to launch their innovative business idea within months, and continues to manage the entire trading system on their behalf.

For the years to come, the company aims to strive for the continued goal of faster, easier, and cheaper cloud infrastructures for Fintech landscape. “CFOs were instrumental on the wider adoption of the cloud because it provided ‘pay for what you use’ in a ‘pay as you go’ model, significantly reducing capital needs for building and running hardware infrastructure. CFO’s should look at ADaaS we offer as it brings similar benefits to their organization further for software development and deployment,” ends Mittal.