SmartStream: Assuring Seamless Transaction Lifecycle Management

SmartStream: Assuring Seamless Transaction Lifecycle Management

CIO VendorPhilippe Chambadal, CEO
Today financial firms function in a dynamic environment where the changing regulatory reforms, lack of harmonization in market practices and tighter margins are having a significant impact on their post-trade operations. However, despite the advent of numerous technologies and the rampant implementation of newer strategies designed to augment business process and assure productivity, banks are still experiencing inefficiencies in the settlement process. This ultimately leads to trade and settlement failure. “With regulators imposing a raft of new rules and regulations that affect so many aspects of trading and risk management, financial institutions are looking for solutions that not only help reduce costs but also address many middle and back-office issues,” says Philippe Chambadal, CEO, SmartStream. To avert these impediments, London based firm, SmartStream offers solutions that cover the entire post-trade processing lifecycle, enabling more efficient, streamlined, and cost-effective operations. The company offers Transaction Lifecycle Management solutions (TLM) and Managed Services that transform post-trade processing for financial institutions across the globe.

SmartStream’s TLM Cash and Liquidity Management solution is an example of the firm’s prowess in solving operational processing challenges while understanding end-to-end transaction flow—from trade inception to settlement. The solution provides a real-time view of liquidity and transparency using advanced payment flow controls, resulitng in a greater ability to curb risk while reducing overall fees.

Additionally, the company’s TLM Cash and Liquidity Management solution takes the real-time payments that originate from SWIFT and enables customers to create a real-time cash ladder to manage the balance. Through the use of the Solution banks can break down organizational silos with a single enterprise-wide platform for cash management, treasury management, exceptions, and reconciliations management.

The RDU will lower the cost of processing reference data whilst creating ample opportunities for banks, data vendors, and exchanges

Known as one of the earliest proponents of the utility model, SmartStream has created the SmartStream Reference Data Utility (RDU) which is owned by SmartStream as well as three major banks—JP Morgan, Morgan & Stanley, and Goldman Sachs who are also the first three customers of this service that normalizes and validates data across all asset classes. “This is the first time that an industry-backed utility has been formed to process and mutualize data, reduce operational risk, and increase service quality within reference data management,” says Chambadal. He adds, “The RDU will lower the cost of processing reference data whilst creating ample opportunities for banks, data vendors, and exchanges.”

In addition, SmartStream has carved a niche in the industry with its original, market-leading reconciliation solution. Deployed by thousands of financial institutions worldwide, this powerful and highly scalable engine is used to process exceptions and to create a single engine that catches broken trades and payments, repairing them on the go. One SmartStream client had different vendors and multiple users each of whom were using traditional spreadsheets for their reconciliations processes. With the deployment of SmartStream’s TLM Reconciliations Premium solution, this milti-national bank was able to consolidate its operations, while capturing greater visibility into the entire trade-flow and reducing the processing costs by nearly 95 percent.

Peeking into the future, Chambadal believes that analytics and robotics will play a compelling role in the finance industry. “Forging ahead, we plan to continue empowering our clients by reducing their operational cost and helping them build next generation products,” says Chambadal. “We want to combine robotics with our existing software to empower our customers to create new levels of efficiency.”