NetSol Technologies [NASDAQ:NTWK]: Solutions that Simplify Financial Operations

CIO VendorNajeeb Ghauri, CEO & Founder
Financial companies today are finding it challenging to operate efficiently in a volatile, resource constrained, and regulated environment. They seek to identify and exploit every revenue opportunity with their primary focus on operational strategies around internal governance. As the finance industry tries to be rid of the operational challenges, they look for solutions that can simplify their task and streamline business operations. Catering to this need is NetSol Technologies [NASDAQ:NTWK], a provider of IT and enterprise application solutions suited for the operational needs of finance and leasing companies. “At NetSol, we have an immense pool of talented software engineers developing cutting edge solutions for finance and leasing industries,” elucidates Najeeb Ghauri, CEO and Founder, NetSol.

The company’s flagship product, NetSol Financial Suite (NFS) comprises NFS Ascent and NFS Mobility. NFS Ascent is an amalgamation of three different applications namely Loan Origin System (LOS), Contract Management System (CMS), and Wholesale Finance System (WFS). With automated business process execution and advanced calculation engine, NFS Ascent offers enterprise level security for applications as well as databases. It is designed to improve productivity, performance, and responsiveness, while seamlessly integrating into a customer's current technology framework and infrastructure. On the other hand, NFS Mobility is a tool that mobilizes users by empowering the field operatives and sales teams. Further, it provides a Point of Sale application for business origination processes for financial products and a suite called mAccount that highlights the complete details of a client’s credit or lease contracts. “Building upon our expertise in the field, we have created a mobility suite that offers powerful features, enabling our clients to mobilize their teams and get more out of their business,” extols Ghauri.

NetSol also offers consultancy services that include Business Consultancy, Information Security, and Independent System Review. Its Business Consultancy services focus on growth, risk management, and alignment of business processes with the company’s vision.

We have an immense pool of talented software engineers developing cutting edge solutions for finance and leasing industries

The Information Security services focus on regulation compliance, continuous management, and governance of security, eliminating issues in security processes and lowering operating costs. Further, NetSol’s Independent System Review ensures testing of software application before it goes live.

The company is always one step ahead of its competitors owing to its ability to execute complex projects and deliver solutions on time. Additionally, NetSol has accumulated a large knowledge base that is constantly refined and updated with the latest practices and business solutions.

The firm has served a number of clients in the finance and leasing sector with its cutting edge products and services. For instance, Singers Healthcare Finance, a company funding business critical and medical assets, toiled to get a solution that fulfilled three key aspects—providing back and front office applications, easily adapting to growing business needs, and creating financial offerings to meet changing market demands. The NetSol Financial Suite hit the bull’s eye for the client by offering the automation, scalability, and flexibility they required. “NetSol stands apart from the others by providing efficient, cost effective world class IT solutions that truly deliver to the highest standard,” delineates Susan Hinton-Smith, CEO, Singers Healthcare Finance. The solution enabled Singers to expand its operations and restructure its small and medium enterprise lending to other sectors as well.

NetSol will continue to innovate new solutions while adhering to the highest quality and control standards in software developments. Further, the company plans to provide enhanced services to its customers with the knowledge base it has garnered over the years. “With new companies entering the market, we remain highly confident about our prospects to extend our market share moving forward,” concludes Ghauri.