Misys: A Connected View that Embraces Change

Misys: A Connected View that Embraces Change

CIO VendorNadeem Syed, CEO
Earlier this year, two financial technology companies joined forces to create one of the largest Fintech companies in the world. Misys merged with D+H, one of Canada’s largest financial solution provider to create a workforce of ten thousand employees, and a customer base of over nine thousand from 130 different countries. “The combination of our two companies creates significant opportunity for our customers, our employees and our partners,” says Nadeem Syed, CEO Misys. “By coming together, we are creating a global Fintech powerhouse, positioning us to lead the corporate banking software space, accelerating our cloud-based offerings, and expanding our footprint in North America.”

Misys’ strength and proficiency in corporate banking, retail banking, and capital markets worldwide proves a vital factor in the equation of this merger. Their end-to-end integrated software suite identifies and solves some of the most complex challenges in the financial and banking sectors. Their philosophy of problem solving for financial institutions revolves around the concept of “embracing change”. The common thought that comes to one’s mind when the words “banking sector” are uttered is one dominated by stringent regulations, slow response to change, and cumbersome protocols. Misys works with financial institutions as a partner that can help banks identify technological trends, leverage them, and boost operations and revenue, essentially riding the bandwagon of change. “With Misys, you are choosing a partner that is one step ahead,” articulates Syed, “We’ve got an expert eye on what is happening out there, keeping you at the forefront of everything we do.”

The tagline of BNP Paribas, one of the leading retail banking groups of the world and headquartered in Paris, reads “The bank for a changing world”, in perfect synergy with Misys’ philosophy.

At Misys, our vision is to transform the global financial industry by making financial institutions more resilient, efficient, and competitive

The resulting success story between the two is testimonial to their complimentary approaches—a challenge to imbibe a wider scope of data, not only for operational and compliance purposes, but also to allow BNP’s management to drive business and make better informed decisions, and deliver better service. Data capture, more so quality data capture, had to be done higher in the chain; much closer to the customer in the process than it used to be. The end result was the consolidation of their lending operations and achieving cost efficiency by leveraging Misys FusionBanking Loan IQ as a global platform that unifies and incorporates customer data at specific points along their journey in acquiring financial services from all the locations of BNP Paribas globally.

For BNP Paribas, a connected view of their activities sealed their profitability, where constant fluctuations in demand cloud the picture—in the changing world that they aspire to be prominent in. FusionBanking provides just that. It is an umbrella of an integrated range of solutions that drive efficiency in various verticals like modern core banking, customer engagement through digital channels, lending, and transaction banking. Tools like FusionBanking Insights turns the in-memory data silos into action-oriented insights that support the strategic growth ambitions of the financial institutions. Tools like omnichannel on-boarding and authentication, account personalization, and financial planning provide an intuitive and tailored digital experience to the banks’ customers. In the transaction banking area, Misys provides a comprehensive and connected suite of solutions to suit the needs of stakeholders in the corporate banking sector.

“At Misys, our vision is to transform the global financial industry by making financial institutions more resilient, efficient, and competitive,” notes Syed, “That’s about enabling our customers to connect, innovate, and expand their services to achieve new value faster.” Misys is now exploring gamification of their FusionBanking Essence digital platform in partnership with Moroku’s GameSystem.