Halcyon Financial Technology, L.P.: Furnishing a Resilient IT Infrastructure

Halcyon Financial Technology, L.P.: Furnishing a Resilient IT Infrastructure

CIO VendorRodric R. O’Connor, Managing Partner
The Founder and Managing Partner at Halcyon Financial Technology, L.P. Rodric R. O’Connor hand-picked the current HalcyonFT team for a reason—“HalcyonFT exclusively serves the financial services industry,” O’Connor asserts. “Each of us in the team grew up in this industry and through our evolution; we’ve experienced its unique developments with a deep understanding of its trends, challenges, and of course, the high expectations of the financial organizations.” The company delivers “white glove” level of outsourced IT services for user, infrastructure and application support. HalcyonFT employs a 360-degree IT philosophy that integrates strategy, service and infrastructure. “Be it an entire set of new IT solutions for a new firm, or a supplement to an established client’s existing IT infrastructure, we customize solutions to the customer’s specific technology needs,” assures O’Connor.

With ever-growing expectations of simple consumer like usage of technology and ubiquitous mobile access, cloud infrastructure and applications are fast gaining wide acceptance and rapid adoption in the finance technology vertical. “Cloud enables seamless collaboration between private equity companies and their portfolio companies,” observes O’Connor. “Our cloud implementation methodology drastically reduces costs and empowers our clients to comply with Security Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations.”

The company upgrades its client’s legacy infrastructure to a fault-tolerant and distributed environment which is highly resilient to hardware failure and geographic disasters by leveraging advances in cloud, and consolidated compute and storage solutions. This provides complete control on the way confidential data is managed. HalcyonFT’s Technology Audit service reviews the client’s IT operations and infrastructure by clearly identifying the prevalent risk factors. “We perform cybersecurity gap analysis, with recommendations on appropriate policy, processes and infrastructure,” says O’Connor. The gap analysis goes hand-in-hand with the due-diligence services HalcyonFT offers for investments within the asset management industry. The client is hence equipped with a clear picture of technology risks and opportunities within their potential and existing portfolio companies.

Our cloud implementation methodology drastically reduces costs and empowers our clients to comply with Security Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations

HalcyonFT also offers end-to-end solutions for new infrastructure, applications and Salesforce.com CRM that deliver projects on time, and on budget. “The HalcyonFT team purchases, installs, configures as well as manages the project from start to finish and frees the client’s internal resources, reducing security risks.”

One of HalcyonFT’s clients—The Presidio Group, a wealth advisory, investment banking and private equity firm—ran a high risk of data loss, lacking the required focus on cybersecurity. The client’s outdated IT architecture increased security risk, and raised concerns about compliance with SEC cybersecurity regulations. Presidio hired HalcyonFT to address their issues. HalcyonFT reduced the risk of data loss and its impact on business continuity. The company delivered continuous backup with multiple distributed copies reducing the risk of data loss, and cloud based disaster recovery infrastructure that improved the time to recovery from a disaster from days to an hour. Presidio gained a much improved network security with two-factor authentication that minimized the risk of data leakage due to cybersecurity attacks. Resolution of network and server reliability and performance issues significantly improved the efficiency of the client’s business processes. “With HalcyonFT we have a business partner that specializes and understands our business,” states Tom Emig, CFO, Presidio Group.

HalcyonFT is currently focused on developing infrastructure templates that allow clients to have a 100% cloud application infrastructure, with the on-premise presence of solely network equipment. Along with a clear focus on expanding their geographic footprint, HalcyonFT will make their way into data analytics. “The future is all about extracting data from disparate sources, integrating and manipulating it so as to empower users to gain valuable insights,” concludes O’Connor.