Apex Clearing Corporation: Financial Trading with the Digital Touch

Apex Clearing Corporation: Financial Trading with the Digital Touch

CIO VendorWilliam Capuzzi, CEO
Customers look for instant gratification in today’s digital world, driven by smartphones and apps. But these expectations have historically been met with disappointment when it comes to their financial services, largely because the clearing industry that supports every financial transaction is fraught with archaic business processes riddled with manual intervention and legacy infrastructure. To address these challenges and enable easy digital onboarding for client-facing financial institutions, Apex Clearing Corporation provides cutting edge clearing and execution solutions. With its nimble technology and services set, Apex enables financial institutions from entrepreneurial retail brokers to sophisticated institutional brokers, to deliver greater digital experience to their customers where they can create accounts in near real-time and start transacting instantly, thus delivering that ‘instant gratification’. “Our technology-enabled solution set eliminates time and manual constraints in the clearing space,” says William Capuzzi, CEO, Apex Clearing Corporation.

As a FinTech company, Apex's innovative technology solutions are geared towards execution, clearing, settlement, compliance, custody, and reporting needs. Its solution set encompasses functionalities such as corporate actions processing, bank and cash management, settlements, new account setup, and margins.

Apex replaces legacy methodologies with online processes where it uses asynchronous notification for account status and updates giving customers the opportunity to fix the errors at that instance during the course of financial activity. Its cash management platform, Sentinel, simplifies cash initiation and management as well as risk management and analysis for all incoming and outgoing transactions. The platform also enables funding an account through debit card the moment an account is opened. It supports DNS and account verification while replacing micro deposit verification, enabling the customer to initiate the transfer quickly.

Apex's core management API takes just twenty seconds to open domestic or foreign accounts electronically

The technology architecture implemented by Apex is driven by microservices. Apex leverages APIs to connect to the clients’ systems that enable real time interaction. By doing so, Apex enables clients to start transacting instantly. Security is guaranteed with real time information streaming about the authenticity of the customer details. Apex's new RESTful APIs enable streamlined operations for the client by enabling a platform that is faster and supports greater transparency in the processes related to account and cash management. “Apex's core management API takes just twenty seconds to open domestic or foreign accounts electronically,” says Capuzzi.

Acting as the engine behind a super car, Apex with its inventive finance solutions has taken its clients to win recognition in the trading market. Robinhood, a business that offers commission-free trading, sought to enable its customers to setup an account in quick time; as the process traditionally took around twenty minutes to complete. After overhauling the account management process and Know Your Customer (KYC) platform, Apex enabled Robinhood with a modern app experience where account opening now takes less than four minutes, on average, helping to rocket the app into the limelight.

With the zeal to stay ahead of the curve, Apex continues to hire the best and most progressive thinkers, who understand the needs of the industry and where its going. The Company is diligently working on disrupting the legacy Assisted Compliance Assurance Programme (ACAP) processing methodologies with automation, and has plans to apply the same technology enabled solution mindset and to the institutional side of the business. Apex will launch a full service prime and institutional brokerage offering geared to disrupt the existing institutional market.

Apex by no means wants to take the foot off the innovation pedal as it strives to empower change, and partner with clients to bring engaging digital experiences to the finance space.