Advicent Solutions: Simplifying Financial Planning and its Adoption

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Advicent Solutions: Simplifying Financial Planning and its Adoption

CIO VendorPhil Cunningham, CEO
Technology is fast gaining momentum in finance industry with the proliferation of new computing, networking, and financial planning tools. Today, most of the bank interactions around the world are taking place through online and mobile channels. This whole paradigm shift has led financial institutions to ramp up their strategies to fulfill the demands and expectations of today’s customers. To help financial firms effectively address the challenges around adopting technology, a Milwaukee, WI-based company, Advicent Solutions provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology solutions through its innovative product capabilities and dedicated services. “We have market-leading SaaS financial advisory solutions, a blue-chip customer base, exceptionally talented employees and a strong existing executive team,” says Phil Cunningham, CEO, Advicent Solutions.

The company helps financial professionals and their customers understand and impact their financial future by offering innovative financial planning, lead generation, and marketing communication tools that have global reach. Advicent’s flexible and impactful financial planning application— NaviPlan—helps financial institutions by producing detailed cash flow analysis, regular tax updates and Monte Carlo scenario simulation calculations. NaviPlan also keeps the clients’ plans up to date and accurate while helping financial institutions to adapt to the needs uncovered in client meetings through its modular goals-based assessments.

Advicent enables organizations to demonstrate their expertise during client meetings through its professional client resources. The company equips financial institutions with powerful tools such as pre-built, iPad-compatible presentations and also helps them educate clients through easy-to-understand, next-generation reports, which in turn enables them to include clients in decision making process. The company also gives an option for the financial institutions to search prospective clients online through NaviPlan Leads generation tool. The company enables organizations to automatically engender qualified leads through its user-friendly financial planning application Profiles Leads generator. Profiles’ interactive presentation modules enable financial institutions to identify and emphasize their clients’ unique engage them in planning discussion, while clearly explaining them the meaning behind the numbers in their plans.

We have market-leading SaaS financial advisory solutions, a blue-chip customer base, exceptionally talented employees and a strong existing executive team

In addition to financial planning applications, Advicent also provides a configurable application builder— Narrator—to facilitate financial institutions, insurance organizations, and wealth management firms truly narrate the story and differentiate their business. Narrator allows organizations to create custom widgets, create fun experience, and portray the story differently to fulfill the unique needs of clients. The financial institutions can build their own programs, mobile apps and portals for financial insight and analysis through Narrator. Advicent enabled a provider of life insurance and retirement solutions, Zwitserleven to meet the demands on pension communication through Narrator.

Zwitserleven wanted to appeal to a younger crowd by adopting online methods and changing their outlook which traditionally had the reputation for being exclusive to the wealthy and elderly. By leveraging Advacent’s Narrator, Zwitserleven created animations that attracted customers to take action. To help the client retain its existing customers, Advicent introduced a tool that helps clients to enter all pension data through a login ID (digID).

The tool’s simple interface incorporated calculation as and when it received data, while at the same time, delivered instant feedback. The calculations enabled Zwitserleven to solve compliant communication issues through data integration and made it more simple and efficient, without creating red tape. Advicent resolved the issues within a time span of 12 weeks, keeping client costs and turnaround time to a minimum.

As far as Advicent’s future plans are concerned, it promises to remain true to its mission of enabling financial institutions and their clients impact their financial future through constant innovation of user-friendly, simple, yet efficient products and services.