Abelian Partners: Management Consulting Driven by a Practical Outlook

The Quintessential Technology Source for Corporate Financial Professionals

Abelian Partners: Management Consulting Driven by a Practical Outlook

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Charles Rierson, Managing Principal, Abelian PartnersCharles Rierson Managing Principal
Abelian Partners is a management consulting firm focused on technology solutions for financial institutions. In financial institutions today, CIOs face a rapidly changing technology marketplace framed by complex industry challenges. Budget constraints, talent management, vendor risk and industry regulation are all issues that surround any technology decision. Abelian Partners brings a practitioner perspective to these challenges, adopting a “big-picture” strategic view while using practical banking experience as a touch-stone to judge the viability of new technologies.

Backed by decades of experience working in banks as executive business leaders, Abelian consulting teams can comprehend the needs and regulatory requirements of banking entities. “As the banking industry morphs in the next ten years with new technologies, we can be a bridge between new fintech companies/technologies and traditional banks,” mentions Charles Rierson, the managing principal of Abelian Partners. With a strong view that technology will drive banking over the next decade, the company looks to bring new solutions into banks to provide immediate practical value, either through increased revenue or decreased costs.

Abelian works on technology solutions from strategy through implementation at banks and other financial institutions. The company follows a project management logic similar to the currently-popular Agile software development cycle. This style, based on short “sprint” cycles and continuous feedback, matches the management style of Abelian’s principals.

As the banking industry morphs in the next ten years with new technologies, we can be a bridge between new fintech companies/ technologies and traditional banks

Overall, Abelian’s clients find that the outside expertise from a practitioner consultant has immediate value to major decisions and initiatives.

Relating a recent Abelian customer success story, Rierson describes assisting a large global bank with a business-lending product for high-net-worth clients. A fintech partner was brought in, which ultimately enabled a product that offers best-in-breed digitization and automation, while still maintaining a necessary white-glove servicing standard. This example stands as a testament to Abelian’s value proposition of practical banking experience for consulting projects and fintech applications.

Abelian stands apart for its practitioner expertise, network of featured consultants, and a continuous development project orientation. “Our consultants have sat in the chair and made the tough decisions that clients face every day. Abelian consulting teams are efficient with ideas and designs because industry experience backs up all recommendations,” says Rierson. In short, Abelian challenges traditional project management frameworks to consider both strategy and implementation simultaneously. Further, Abelian’s deep practitioner experience and technology focus drives implementable solutions that achieve real-world results.

Having carved a unique niche in the fintech space, Abelian is growing rapidly and will continue to add partners with specific practitioner skill sets. Additionally, the firm regularly discusses partnerships with other firms that are complementary to its mission and vision. “The focus continues to be on the needs of clients and how best we can provide leadership to financial institutions over the next decade,” concludes Rierson.

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Abelian Partners

Atlanta, GA

Charles Rierson Managing Principal

Abelian Partners is a practitioner-based consulting firm that specializes in commercial credit, technology and capital markets for financial institutions. The company grew out of experience in commercial credit and capital markets across the last 30 years of banking, and now embraces the fast paced industry change occurring with developing fintech solutions. The company brings practical banking experience to consulting projects for fintech applications at financial institutions